Michelle Watts

CEO, The Aziza Work Group

The slogan for The Aziza Work Group is “We are the Why.” Michelle Watts is the what!


She is the bones and the blood of Public Relations, realizing this long before acquiring a degree in PR at the University of Toledo. Upon matriculating, Watts fleshed out positions at Essence Communications where she worked with the top names in Entertainment and learned the practices of PR, The Mayor's Office of Communications - City of Cleveland where she acquired fearless mastery of the art & Universal/ Def Jam under the tutelage of Shawn (Jay-Z) Carter where she triumphed in the risk and rewards of the work and established herself as an industry leader. In 2012 the recognition of her talents demanded she open her own Public Relations practice. The Aziza Work Group launched in Los Angeles with such force that within three years her clients in the world of Comedy alone; included but were not limited to; Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Lil Rel Howery, Deon Cole, Chris Redd (SNL) & DeRay Davis. The Aziza Work Group specializes in PR across multiple industries such as; film, fine arts, television, technology, major events, education, sports, law, children's toys and music. T.A.W.G. is a phenomenon with a roster that rivals any! Their business motto is "it's all about the work." Hers is a specific brand of PR rooted in a cultural knowing and a truth told by few but which resonates with all.  A fearless approach! When Watts isn't working, she is pursuing adventure and universal exploration. Michelle currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.  As Leland Wigington, Kevin Hart’s business manager always states, “Michelle is the reason so many stars shine.”