All dues are collected are on 12-month basis, including all memberships initiated in 2018. Your membership will last until the end of the month, the following year, from when you joined. (For example: If you joined June 8th, 2018, your membership will be in good-standing through June 30th, 2019.)


Full Membership – $50 annual dues (Voting) 

Full-time journalists who are reporters, news editors, photojournalists and newsroom managers employed by print, broadcast or Internet entities that produce, gather, disseminate and distribute the news; freelance journalists who work regularly for print, broadcast and Internet news groups.


Associate Member – $30 annual dues (Non-voting)

Individuals who are former, part-time or freelance journalists, journalism instructors and lecturers, agency and corporate public-relations professionals, public-information officers working for a government entity, advertising professionals and others who work for a media-related organization. (An application for associate membership is subject to approval by the membership committee and board of directors.)


Student Member – $15 annual dues (Non-voting)

Individuals who are full-time students studying journalism at an accredited college or university

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